Ace Elite Services is very pleased to offer our new membership program. This is a program unlike any other and it will completely transform the manner in which many individuals and companies commute to and from airports all across the country.

Over the last 8 years we have seen several changes as it relates to how and why clients use private transportation carriers. One of the biggest changes has been the introduction of “ride share programs” to the industry. Companies such as Uber and Lyft have provided customers with a feasible, convenient and extremely cost effective way to travel. While we agree that this innovative approach to fare paying services has helped to solve the many problems associated with traditional “cab” companies, it has removed the most important aspect of the business: CUSTOMER SERVICE! There will never be a substitute for professionalism, decorum, experience and safety when it comes to transporting clients. Money has never and will never be the catalyst for why we do what we do. It is our immense desire to serve others and allow them to experience service uncompromised that propels us.

And it’s for those same reasons that we are introducing our ground breaking membership program. We understand that price is one of the most valuable bargaining chips. We also understand that luxury, professionalism and great customer care comes at a cost. We would never sacrifice the latter just to retain or get new clients. But neither will we stand idly by and allow millions and millions to continue to be underwhelmed by the experiences that they encounter using transportation companies that do not have the “Know How” when it comes to catering to clients. Ace Elite has a solution to both concerns. Our program will provide the absolute best in private ground transportation for airport transfers at a cost that is absolutely impossible to resist.