Are you one of the millions who enjoys attending music festivals? More and more people are choosing to forgo typical single-band concerts and instead have decided to indulge in multi-day festivals featuring long lineups of top performers. Coachella, Lollapalooza, Kaaboo, Stagecoach, Joshua Tree, and Desert Trip are just a few of the hugely popular festivals. Currently more than 800 of these music festivals exist in the United States alone.

With many of them upcoming, it is important to iron out the necessary details. Taking the time off from work, buying tickets, arranging accommodations, planning meals, and organizing transportation are some of the crucial things attendees must figure out beforehand. Why not lighten your load and let us alleviate your responsibilities? Ace Elite Services can offer the highest range of luxury transportation possible to get you to and from your festival of choice.

While many do offer diversity in musical genre… the popularity of these festivals are growing so massively that the archetypal demographic is no longer geared towards just millennials. Next weeks Desert Trip is the ultimate music festival for baby-boomers, featuring legends of the classic-rock genre. So embrace the opportunity, why take ordinary transportation to see a once in a lifetime lineup, where every single performer is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Like many of the other top festivals, they will make you jump through hoops if you want to use luxury transportation. Desert Trip currently offers applications for a Black Car or Limo Pass. However they explicitly state that applying does not guarantee you will receive a pass. Here at Ace Elite Services, were delighted to jump through these hoops for you. So if you want to arrive in class and style, all you need to do is contact us in advance. Let us take care of the rest so that you can rock and roll!